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Welcome to Grace Mobile Massage, your source for the best Wellness Services. Our clients across the USA rave that we deliver unbeatable quality, value and pricing. Enjoy the best Massages at your office, home, hotel and events with our elite team of Certified Massage Therapists. Plus we provide a complete menu of wellness: our Healthy Lifestyle Experts offer Health Fair services, Health Screenings, Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Team Bonding and more.

We Give Relaxation And Create Energy!

Seeking to boost productivity, engagement and recruitment? Tens of thousands of happy customers say we are the best. Try us and feel the difference.

For years, we have won 5-Star ratings from Fortune 500 companies, global brands and top start-ups. Our wellness solutions are a hit at businesses of all sizes in all sectors; Media, Healthcare, E-commerce and Tech.

“Better services at lower cost than our former vendor.”- WILDCARD AV

“Everyone loves the massage therapists! 5-stars across the board!”- SURVIOS

“The bi-weekly massage program is a lifesaver!”- BELKIN

“If you’re looking for a great morale booster for your staff, look no further than offering massages and a yoga/de-stressing class. It is a WIN-WIN for everyone. Employees here report feeling more productive and less stressed…people love it. This will show your employees you are concerned about their health and stress level.” – COUNTRY VILLA HEALTH

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