How It Works: Awesome, Affordable and Simple

Affordable Payment Options

  • Company Funded: The company pays 100%
  • Co-Funded: The company and employees share the cost
  • Employee-Funded: Employees pay 100%
  • Customer Online Payments

Convenient Scheduling

Our Online Scheduling Portal or printable sign-up sheets make scheduling a breeze.
We make it simple to help everyone feel good.

  • Employees can reserve, change or cancel appointments
  • Employees can receive email appointment reminders
  • Administrators have management tools and can view usage statistics

Simple Logistics

  • Massages can be set up almost anywhere. Minimal space required
  • No change of clothes is needed for corporate massage
  • Office Massages can be 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 min each or longer
  • Home services are 1 hour, 1.5 hrs or 2 hrs by appointment
  • We provide only the highest rated, expertly trained massage professionals

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“A California company reported a 25% reduction in time off for work related injuries and
compensation claims dropped by $200k after implementing a massage therapy program.”

Financial Times

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