Rave Reviews

“The weekly Yoga has been so wonderful. And thanks for my amazing massage yesterday! My headache was completely gone afterwards. It truly makes a difference and helps me through the craziness and stress of the day. My co-workers agree!”

Evelyn B., Professional Services, Country Villa Healthcare

Your team was very professional. Our editors were all very happy with your services.”

Jessica P., Human Resources, Deluxe Entertainment

The at-home massages are the highest quality. And our office staff is thrilled each time we bring your massage team to work.”

LS., President, Chrome Hearts

“Completely satisfied. Grace Mobile Massage exceeded expectations at our VIP event.

Ryan L., Director, CAA Experiential

“After a session I have a wonderful sense of peace along with a clearer and calmer mind.

Steve Hilton, President & CEO, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

We rate Amy a 10 out of 10! She was early, set up on time, and very responsive to what the staff requested and kept everyone on schedule. She even remembered preferences of staff members from previous months. She also gave some staff members very useful tips on how to improve on issues we had such as how to relax tense shoulders.”

Christina S., Executive Coordinator, Found Animals Foundation

“Tina is awesome! Everyone loves her.

Trish R., Partner, DPN Talent Agency, Beverly Hills

“What a wonderful experience. The staff really enjoyed it and are still talking about it. Your therapists were so professional and personable. Thanks again.”

Scott G., Administrator, Rancho Mirage Health & Rehab Center

Great working with you and your team. All my staff love them.”

Ta M., Administrator, La Mesa Healthcare, San Diego

“Our team is still relaxed after the amazing massages. So many of our employees came up to me to say thank you and how great they felt. It was truly something that I would like to make more routine. One of our staff said that the massage felt much longer than 15 minutes and how refreshed she felt. Thank you for such a great experience and we look forward to working together again!”

Alisa B.K., Director of Operations, HMS, Glendale

“Thanks for calming our world! It is the perfect way to end our busy week! All of our staff like the high quality of all the massage therapists you send. They truly make everyone feel great.”

Kathy C., Administrator, Country Villa Healthcare

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